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Piano Appraisals Cape Town

Piano Appraisals Cape Town

I provide the following piano appraisal services:

  • Basic online appraisal – Save money by cutting out my travel fees.  This requires you to send me videos of your piano.  Please see the video and further information about this option below…
  • Thorough, In-person piano appraisals in the Cape Town area.
  • Remote appraisals for other regions may be possible.

The three criteria for piano appraisals – Appraising Pianos

How to perform an online appraisal:

1.) Watch the above video and record a short video for me of each of the following:

Video 1: Left and Right Pedal action:
Focus the video camera on the hammers and the strings as you press each pedal for 10 seconds each.

Video 2: Playing the piano keys:
Record yourself playing a selection of keys on the keyboard.  Please do not play too fast as I will need to hear the tone and pitch of each note.  Please emulate what I have done in my video.

Photographs: Piano appearance

  • Please take a photograph of the front and sides of the piano.  Please take individual photos of any flaws and damages you may see.
  • Please take a picture of the piano stool (where applicable) and specify whether it opens and closes.  Also specify if there are any damaged areas on the stool and take pictures of those as well.


Advice on how to choose a piano

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