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Selling Your Piano

Selling Your Piano

Selling your piano to a private individual is your best chance of realizing a higher price as you are limited when it comes to negotiating with a piano dealer. To find out the current market value of your piano, you can have a piano technician perform a comprehensive appraisal. This is the most accurate way to determine the piano’s value as it depends on the piano’s age, the condition of the cabinet, structure and mechanism, it’s accessablity and the market conditions in your particular area.

The cost of a written appraisal can vary from R250 to R350 depending on location

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Factors which influence the value of a piano:

  • The make of a piano can be important however the poor condition and age of the piano can far outweigh the prestige value of a good name.
  • The age of a piano is of major significance as a piano deteriorates gradually with age
  • The condition of the piano’s strings,frame,soundboard,action and keys is most important which points dictates what compulsory additional expenditure is neccessary down the line.
  • Appearance is often a key factor unless the piano is to be located in a backroom where appearance is not important.

Tips on selling your Piano:

  • Have your piano tuned and make sure everything works reasonably well before you advertise it. This will not only allow the purchaser a little peace of mind when making a decision but will also highlight problems which you as a seller may be unaware of. An example would be “Loose tuning pins” which do not firmly hold a fine tuning. Most people don’t have a knowledge of the technical aspects of a piano .A piano that is not in tune ,with one or two sticking notes may be enough to deter a good prospective buyer.
  • Find out the age of the piano and as much as you can about it’s particular history. People are generally sentimental about pianos and are influenced by such details.
  • Are there any extras? Is there a stool which goes with the piano and if so are you including it in the price or do you want to make a little extra by selling it separately. Or maybe you want to keep the stool.
  • Most pianos have brass pedals which in most cases become tarnished over the years. With a little bit of fine steel wool, brasso, and some elbow grease the pedals can be restored to their former glory and enhance the appearance of the piano.
  • Make sure that the invironment at the time of selling is as pleasant and as quiet as possible with no outside noises such as: lawn mowers,barking dogs,noisy children, television or radios blaring etc. etc. When you have provided the prospect with all the info. leave the room and allow them time to talk in private if there is more than one person.
  • Is Your price realistic? Has your price been over-influenced by the prices of new instruments which it must be remembered are usually sold with extras such as guarantees, free delivery, matching stools, free tuning after delivery etc.etc.